Founder of The 100X Life, Award-winning Podcast Producer & Host, Keynote Speaker, and Thought Leader

Edwin Frondozo is a visionary entrepreneur and celebrated podcaster known for founding, a podcast network and platform dedicated to empowering music-themed podcasts with hosting services, audience expansion, and unique monetization opportunities. As the co-founder of Slingshot, a B2B VoIP company, he has also demonstrated his ability to lead and scale in the competitive telecom industry.

His award-winning work as the producer and host of The Business Leadership Podcast has featured over 300 interviews with industry luminaries like Seth Godin, showcasing his knack for storytelling and community building. Through, Edwin offers a comprehensive suite of services, including exclusive ad and sponsorship opportunities, a supportive community for podcasters, and resources for content creation and audience engagement, all aimed at enhancing the success and reach of music-themed podcasts.

Edwin also created The 100X Life community, a platform for business leaders and creators to connect and grow. An international keynote speaker and advisor, he is celebrated for his ability to bridge the gap between innovation and community, continually inspiring and facilitating success in his audience's personal and professional lives.

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